How to use an oral irrigator: instructions for use

Floss (thread) it is almost impossible to treat the area long teeth, all the rest, this knowledge can damage the gums. Therefore, the emergence of smart devices for the care of the teeth is justified. One of these devices, can take upon himself the care of the oral cavity, is sprinkler. Many of them have seen something similar in a dentist's office, but not all of them are and understand how to use a sprinkler at home.

irrigator for teeth

What is the advantages of using

On the market today, you can find two types of devices: a phone and a laptop.

The first type is powered from the mains, so, before purchase is to make sure that the bathroom is suitable for him an outlet. The Volume of the tank depending on the model can be from 0.5 to 2 liters. In addition to stand-alone, where the water needs to be poured, the sprinklers fixed can be of flow type, powered by water, but have not gained great popularity in our country due to the poor quality of the water.

Type laptop has an undeniable advantage is its mobility, which consists of the small size of the device. Tank Volume not exceeding 1 litre, there is the ability to operate on battery power, which lets you load the oral irrigator in any place that is accessible. The great disadvantage of almost all the road types – in their small power.

The irrigator is an excellent complement to a tooth brush and paste, while caring for the oral hygiene.

It is worth noting that this device in any case, it is not able to replace the standard mechanism of teeth cleaning. So, by purchasing a sprinkler, do not rush to clean the toothbrush on the second shelf. Certainly, the apparatus is able to clean hard-in the mouth, system support, crowns and dental prostheses. In part, the device could replace the dentist, sprinkler as well as the dentist, promoet the periodontal pockets. With its help, you can remove the stone with spaces inaccessible.

Serves as an indispensable tool for the prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis in children and bleeding of the gums. But despite all the positive qualities, to abandon the services of a specialist is not possible, as only the dentist will be able to determine the diagnosis and correctly assign treatment.

The rules of use of the device

After you have determined the choice and the purchase of the machine, many only at home are wondering how does the irrigator and how to use it, not to do harm neither gums nor teeth. The device is really new, so before you start the operation it is not superfluous to look for in the user manual or watch a video-manual online.

What should be the liquid, which are gaining in the tank

Quite often many people wonder what kind of liquid can be poured into the reservoir of the device. Surely, the water must be boiling and filtered, otherwise there is the risk of infection or damaging the assembly. At home, you can make decoctions of herbs, but it is worth considering that not all and not always is it possible to use the broth, the better on this topic, consult your physician. It is not the only reason that can hinder the application of herbs, the fact is that the particles of plants , can enter the openings in the unit, violating the work.

Look, for conservative liquid is not too hot or cold, must be comfortable for the oral cavity.

If in the instructions it says to use only clean water, then in the tank, you can add a couple of drops of mouthwash, that a beneficial impact on the teeth and the gums when using the device. But keep in mind that to rinse out the machine after such a mixture must be more to the fund.

How to care for the oral cavity

Before starting the procedure, you need to use a toothbrush, removing with his help, the large particles of food, and then apply a sprinkler. The device is not able to replace the mechanical oral treatment, his destiny is to produce the hygiene to the last level. The cleaning process should take about 15 minutes, this time is sufficient to perform the task of cleaning the oral cavity from bacteria, plaque, and food residues.

In the moment in which the operation of the device must maintain at a right angle with respect to the area, driving from the top to the bottom, not forgetting that the gum around the tooth.

Before the first use of this device is available with a video-instruction manual of the machine in this way, it will be possible to avoid errors of operation and to prevent possible damage to the gums.

Start cleaning the oral cavity is necessary with less pressure gradually increasing as well the gums and the teeth given the chance to adapt.

how to use a sprinkler

The cleaning of the oral cavity must begin with the front teeth of the upper and lower jaw, advancing gradually in the area of the rear, giving them a little more time, as a normal toothbrush does not always reconcile well with his function in this field, and there is more food debris and harmful germs.

Before using for the oral exam it is not possible to clean the crack with dental floss may damage the gums, and the machine will only aggravate the situation.

How many times a week you can use the device

Depending on the objectives pursued by the owner of the device, the use of the machine such as the prevention of diseases, for example, stomatitis, periodontal disease, oral hygiene, or cure a specific disease, due to the frequency of application.

For therapeutic purposes, the frequency of application of the device determines the specialist individually. In those cases, when you experience the desire to improve the level of cleanliness of the teeth and gums, it is sufficient to use the machine up to 4 times a week.


Irrigator, invented in 1962, is considered to be the only device that can eliminate up to 99% of plaque, plaque biofilm, which favors the formation of caries, periodontal disease and gingivitis. With the correct use of the appliance, it is possible to improve the blood circulation in the gums, remove bad smell, remove plaque from teeth from coffee and tea. In case of doubt in their actions to the operation of the assembly, it is possible to watch a video, in which the producers tell and show competence when cleaning the device, not only the teeth, but also the whole oral cavity.