Home Teeth Whitening System White Light: Instructions for Use, Function

Who doesn't dream of a Hollywood smile like Snow White? Today, the dazzling white teeth illustrate the owner's sense of happiness and higher social status. Using civilian household recipes to whiten teeth is often laborious, sometimes dangerous for tooth enamel, and does not always provide obvious and desirable results. Cleaning teeth by a professional dentist is expensive and time-consuming

For the lack of free funds and insufficient time, created a revolutionary White Light teeth whitening system.

Family Teeth Whitening

Teeth before and after whitening

Use various methods at home to reduce tooth enamel:

  • Apply whitening toothpaste regularly (not more than twice a week);
  • Use conventional powdered activated carbon as abrasive cleaner (no more than 1-2 times a week);
  • Apply a concentrated suspension of baking soda to tooth enamel and gums;
  • Use hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution to rinse the mouth;
  • Use a special abrasive whitening toothpaste to whiten tooth enamel with a stick (night or day)-covering;
  • Apply whitening tray and gel

The original system "White Light" ("White Light") is an innovative and most effective tool for brightening enamel quickly and comfortably at home. With this system, the uniqueness of tooth whitening is the latest technology that combines special frequency light with special gel.

System complete equipment

The complete white teeth whitening kit includes the following components:

  • Instructions for use;
  • Special equipment-covering, it is a transparent mouthguard for the upper and lower jaws, with dental indentation;
  • Test tubes (2 pieces of 20 grams), with green and white green labels (tooth whitening gel-bleach and gel activator);
  • Special customized plastic lamp with LED;
  • contains lithium battery;
  • Packaging.

Kappa is made of special plastic that is not easily deformed. It can be divided into two halves and used for the upper or lower jaw. The only disadvantage of

is the average value of kappa made according to the standard template, so it is an imperfect form. Due to the individual structure of the jaw and the characteristics of the bite, the mouthguard may not fit the teeth tightly, so a small amount of saliva may wash off the gel.

What are the whitening products?

One of the test tubes contains whitening gel and the other tube contains activator. The main ingredient in the gel composition is carbamide peroxide, which is a chemically modified hydrogen peroxide.

When exposed to a certain frequency of light, it will trigger a chemical reaction, releasing free oxygen, destroying the dark plaques on the enamel from the outside and the inside. The duration of the synthesis process is ten to thirty minutes, which determines the time of the home whitening procedure. The total daily chemical exposure should not exceed 30 minutes.

White light technology has many undeniable advantages. First, the whitening gel contains enough active ingredients to achieve professional results. As a result, the teeth are whitened in five to eight shades. Second, the gel does not contain corrosive acids or alkalis, which means they are absolutely safe to use. Third, even if you do not fully follow the recommendations of diet and oral hygiene, the whitening effect can last for one and a half years.

How to use the system?

Use a tray with tooth whitening gel

Strictly following the instructions will enable you to get the best results. Before using the whitening agent, you must thoroughly brush the teeth on all sides.

Then, you need to carefully open the two test tubes containing the gel, and apply each ingredient on the two mouthguards with a narrow strip (about half a centimeter wide) in turn. In this case, each cavity of the mouthguard must be filled with gel. After that, an aligner should be placed on the teeth.

Now, you need to pick up the bulb and the illuminator together, press and fix it, and wrap your lips around the outer edge. After that, you can turn on the device by pressing the corresponding button.

In the standard process, the dark blue light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. Now you need to remove the device from your mouth, rinse your mouth with water, and wash the tray itself from the remaining gel.

It should be noted that the first use of the system should not exceed ten minutes. If necessary, you can repeat the whitening session once or twice in the future, but no more than 30 minutes per day. The tooth enamel brightening process is designed to be used for five days a day. If necessary, you can extend it for 14 days.

After manipulation, do not eat foods that stain tooth enamel (coffee, strong tea, beets, carrots, etc. ) for a period of time. No smoking

You need to know that the whitening effect of this system is only for cleaning natural teeth. It is not recommended to use this device to reduce the weight of dentures (guide teeth, crowns) and fillings. It is also impossible to remove stains on tooth enamel caused by taking drugs (such as tetracycline) or fluorosis.

Use taboo

Anyone can actually use the enamel whitening system without restrictions. The exception is people whose teeth have increased sensitivity to extreme temperatures, sour and sweet tastes, and allergies to gel ingredients. There are also some temporary contraindications:

Consult a dentist
  • Children's age (not more than 16 to 18 years old);
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding (it is possible that the gel enters the esophagus unintentionally);
  • Chronic disease worsens (it is best to consult a doctor first);
  • There is an acute inflammatory process in the oral cavity, dental caries and cavities, pulpitis, periodontitis, thinning and cracks in enamel, and gum inflammation (consult a dentist or periodontologist).

Equipment maintenance instructions

White light equipment does not require any special and complicated maintenance. Before cleaning, you can split the mouthguard in half.

You can clean the bulb with ordinary soap and tap water. Do not immerse the device completely in water or use a dishwasher to open it. At the end of the cleaning, all components must be wiped dry.

Almost everyone has the ability to make their smiles white. The cost of a white light system is relatively low, and the best price-quality ratio makes it applicable to almost all social classes.